Irish-born author and researcher Barry Fitzgerald has over thirty years of experience traveling the world, which includes a challenging new line of research that has taken him into the darker areas of our myths, legends, and folklore.
Appearing on all 56 episodes of the top-rating NBC-owned SyFy network show Ghost Hunters International circumventing the entire planet chasing a quandary of paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

In 2016 and 2017, he was recognised for his extensive work in the paranormal field. He kindly received awards for the ‘paranormal TV personality of 2016′ and ‘Best paranormal researcher 2017’ from PSW based in the Netherlands.

Barry joined an expedition to Peru, where he helped expose the desert mummy scandal that rocked the UFO community as claims of alien creatures with three fingers and toes were stated to have been discovered in a cave in the Nazca region.

Discovering a line of secret knowledge hidden within ancient tombs, he has uncovered a global network of sacred locations that expose the true gods behind the veil, gods that will do anything to keep their meddling in human affairs hidden.
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