Whispers From Stone

The stone tape theory has been doing its rounds for decades in the world of paranormal research. This video documents my observations and experiences with the phenomena.

Serpents The Gate Keepers to The Old Knowledge

Were the gatekeepers to the old knowledge serpentine in nature, not just an aspect of our inner selves but an element which hid behind sun worship, something with a little more substance?


The Banshee , Woman of the Sídhe, or rather Woman of the Mound is a figure from Irish mythology with some stature. But, does she belong and remain in superstitions of old, or does she demand a more prominent role in our modern society?

Dark Identity

Looking outside the box, Barry take a broader look at the topic of the spiritual Djinn and subsequent branches leading to well-known masks of possibly the same phenomenon.

The Space Brothers Deception

Their names and masks are legion, but could these beings be hiding a darker aspect to their nature? False promises stretch far into pre-history and our global memories seem short. With proof of their manipulation in human affairs, is it about time we made a stand? This Docu Short is based on a new book being written by Barry called ‘The Deceptions of Gods and Men’, due in 2021.

The Shinning Ones

Experiments worldwide into Electrical Voice Phenomena claimed those beyond the veil saw us as light. Could this light is produced be captured, filmed, and monitored? A research team in Japan may have the answers.

The Devils in the Details

Satan is a name immortalized in traditions and religions, it has become a strangulating force of fear on us all, but what really hides behind the majestic effigy of evil? Barry examines the history of Satan and peels back his facade to peer behind the curtain only to discover all is not what it seems.

Those Left Behind

Accounts of alien abduction can be traced around the world, but for some, they are simply left behind whilst those around them are taken. This new theory may reveal medical reasons why they have alluded capture and the devastating impact disease can have on fellow humans, yet receive little acknowledgment.

Land of the Giants

Our planet has legends of Giants scattered throughout time however, is there any proof for such stories? Is it possible people of great stature could have existed? Delving into ancient texts Barry Fitzgerald follows clues across Ireland, revealing real people behind the Giant legends and the pain that accompanies such a title.

Myth of the Fairy

A study into the global phenomena of the Fairy among other names. However, is there a price to pay for their interference, do we even know where they come from? Barry Fitzgerald examines worldwide encounters and uncovers a few secrets along the way.


Are we being blinded or distracted by our own science? Is there something that hides within the poltergeist phenomena with darker motives? A strange encounter Barry in 2019 had in the Uintah basin in Utah has thrown a creature back under the spot light.

The Changing Face of Stigmata

The first documented case of ‘stigmata’ in Christian history was St. Francis of Assisi from Italy in 1224. He was a devout Christian and was in the second month of a retreat with a group of Friars on Mont La Verna which overlooked the river Arno in Tuscany. So, what was so special about the 13th century that the stigmata phenomenon materialized?

The Land of Skinwalkers (Part1)

In October 2019 Barry Fitzgerald visited the Uintah Basin in Utah, location to a very unusual ranch that housed a lot of secrets. However, Barry’s attention was soon brought in another direction leading him back into the ancient past. Capturing his own footage on location as the phenomena appeared before his eyes his instinct was saying something very different.

The Land of Skinwalkers (Part2)

Following a visit to the Uintah basin in Utah in October 2019 Barry Fitzgerald follows clues to the ‘skinwalker’ phenomenon that may expose a longer historical context than previously thought.

Battle Over Nuremberg

What common factor would an alleged UFO battle which took place over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561, hundreds of witch burnings throughout Europe and the cursed British Roanoke Colony have in common?

Irish Pyramid Mystery

Sitting quietly out in the Atlantic, Ireland grows its own mystery involving pyramids that appear across the land. Dotted across the landscape are mini pyramids, silent stone works mostly found in forgotten graveyards. Who built them and why?

The Great Florentine UFO Sighting

Objects witnessed in the sky actually interrupted a soccer match in Florence, Italy in October 1954 and was witnessed by thousands. However the sighting was the least of the mystery, rather it was the material that rained down on the observers. Following scientific tests Barry Fitzgerald proposes his own theory.