Join the ‘Legend Seekers’ as they explore the islands ancient and not so ancient history exploring and examining its myths & Legends. Using historical accounts, they will venture to areas in Ireland not only above ground but below it in an attempt to discover the truth, a truth, which sometimes does not want to be discovered.

Irish born author Barry Fitzgerald and star of Ghost Hunters International formerly on the USA SyFy Channel teams up with Irish author and supernatural investigator Cormac Strain and unite forces as they begin combing Ireland for stories of weird and the supernatural, stories that can still affect us today. The team which includes Max, Barry’s trusted four-legged companion will delve into myths which take them to the remotest parts of Ireland going up against nature in all its forms as they attempt to get to the bottom of the story.


Director and researcher Barry Fitzgerald began hearing a strange sound in 2013 in the west of Ireland. The sound has continued to date, and Part 1 introduces the viewer to the sound and its nature as told through his own experiences and some of those in Sligo who have also experienced this very enigmatic sound.

Part 2 is currently on hold.

The following Documentaries can be viewed freely through Zohar Stargate TV







The Serpents Mound

This documentary is an exploration of ancient Ireland and its Neolithic past. Uncovering a shared global phenomena involving Serpents. Ancient tales tell us of St Patrick coming to Ireland to rid it of Serpents, but not in the sense that we had assumed. Following the trail, it leads me down a rabbit hole with widespread implications for modern living and shocking undertones.

The Star That Fell



During the early hours of May 7th, 1996 a call was made to the police from an eyewitness claiming to have seen an object fall from the sky and crash on the slopes of the Curlew Mountains. Was it a UFO, was it Military? This documentary examines the claims made, and who made them.

Exposing Antarctica



Delving into the history of the Antarctic the documentary examines mans growing involvement with the icy continent and calls into question the rumors of alien and Nazi bases, monsters under the ice and the ill-fated Byrd expedition for the United States Navy when claims suggested his fleet was attacked by flying saucers.

Dark Identity



This documentary examines our perceptions toward the Jinn, Fairy and Angels which have formed part of our fringe beliefs and religions. But, when put under the spot light the identity of these beings shed their modern skins and an under tone of deception and intrigue into their true identity begins to unfold.



The woman of the mound is a figure whose linage is lost in pre-history, her immortal laments announce the approach of death but for those of us who have experienced such phenomena across Ireland’s landscape, we are left with many questions and theories about her purpose. Possibly, by looking at this age old phenomena through the eyes of ufology we may actually start to understand this phantom that has become known as the Banshee.

The Mysterious Bodies of Peru Pt1

Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald travel to Peru to unravel the mystery of remains uncovered in the Nazca Desert in Peru. If these are real, they hold revelations the entire human race must face. Both investigators find themselves in a race to get to the truth before black market influences sell off the remains and Government attempts to seize the bodies amid pseudo science attempts to prove alien involvement.















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