In The Mist Of Gods

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For centuries, tales of fairies or fae have been popular in western folklore. But these are not the whimsical, winged creatures romanticized in modern literature and popular culture: but old-world, intelligent, and sometimes dangerous beings hidden in the tunnels, mounds and raths in countries all over the world. Known by many names, the fae co-exist with mankind, and at times come into direct contact with unsuspecting people who’s lives are changed forever.

In The Mist Of Gods explores the enigma of the fairy, also known as the Old-Gods, and examines their metamorphosis into the modern extraterrestrial phenomena. Personal experiences and first-hand accounts take the reader deep into the underworld: a world we walk above every day. Venturing into the depths, it is revealed that these legends of old have an element of truth behind them — a truth with troubling consequences.

In The Mist Of Gods will challenge your perception of the truth








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