My House is Haunted…. Now What?

So my house is haunted..
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This is the 2nd book written by the Fitzgerald and Pari duo ‘My Home is haunted…now what?’

Objects move of their own accord leading to bumps in the night. What if your child sees figures standing at the foot of their bed as they try and sleep. Perhaps the reader suspects a spiritual reason behind the strange activity and so you call in one of the thousands of teams readily available to investigate your home. They then give you possible evidence to support your suspicion of a haunting, leaving you the question:

So my home is haunted…now what?

This book is a compilation of ideas, beliefs and faiths from around the world, brought together into one book which deals with this very question, and guides you where to go to seek help.

Reading this book will give the reader the knowledge they need to make their own decisions and fix what can be a traumatic and deeply personal experience.

Barry and Dustin, authors of ‘The Complete Approach’ bring the reader another informative book packed with sign posts to solutions that will give your home back to you and your family.


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