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Ive often been asked what the symbol/logo is in reference to. Following a shocking and life changing experience which I write about in legend Seekers Island of the Dead I happened to be resting in bed having one of those lazy Sunday mornings.

Suddenly this image was burned into my left eye, no matter what I did I couldn’t remove it, I rubbed my eye, closed it, opened it and focused on various objects but nothing seemed to work until I drew the image on a piece of paper and it faded  never to return.

The Two horizontal lines at the bottom refer to the doorway between our world and theirs. The vertical line refers to the serpent that hides behind the door to the other world.//


Have UFO’s a basis in Irish Mythology and Folklore?

From the offset we might be led to believe the UFO phenomenon all started to become main stream when an alleged weather balloon containing miniature mannequin’s crash landed on Roswell, New Mexico sometime before June 14th, 1947.
From then on things spiraled and sightings increased, shortly after Roswell Kenneth Arnold an American aviator witnessed nine objects flying near Mount Rainer in Washington State on June 24th 1947 and described them in one instance as ‘saucer like’. Even though the term ‘flying saucer’ had been whispered from time to time before, it was this sighting
along with the wide spread media coverage that cemented the term ‘flying saucer’ to be associated with UFO phenomena.

America has had its fair share of UFO sightings but back here on Irish soil we can’t pin point a specific date when the phenomena really took off, so to speak. Like other countries and regions around the world the strange sightings simply didn’t start, they have always been.
From the early airships reported flying through American skies reported in the western US newspapers from 1896, we can track back that something strange continued to happen. The first test of the atom bomb in Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16th 1945 some believe may have been the catalyst for visits from our space neighbors. Some theorize this atom bomb and subsequent explosions signaled the human race’s entry into a new cosmic arena. Sightings it has been suggested, have increased and a wide spread investigative body from the simple amateurs (of which I’m one) to the highly credible scientific and military complex have become involved.

Official governmental project after project white washed the phenomena reported from around the world and with the help of main stream media made a joke of all things which came under the heading of ‘UFO’. This only caused witnesses of such phenomena to retract back into the shadows
and say nothing to only a very few for fear of ridicule or worse. Witness’s careers would become affected if they reported such phenomena as it would somehow reflect on their character of judgement, yet many of the witnesses such as pilots, clergy, police and military personnel were highly qualified and could analyze the sighting, possibly giving more clues to their origins or to be
more specific, what they wanted.

My reasons however did not fall within the remit of Ufology, a term applied to the study of the flying saucers. I was intrigued by the crossover of archaeology, mythology, folklore and the reports left behind by our ancestors here on Irish soil. Were there accounts in Irish history that would show
without a shadow of a doubt that the UFO phenomenon has a historical foot print on the land? The darker nature of the UFO phenomena scatters remains across the land, mutilation after mutilation. Were there earlier accounts of such mutilations happening back then as they do today?

Many readers wouldn’t be aware that mutilation is a side effect of UFO phenomena or that it even happens. Many live in a sheltered existence of cycles such as home, work, home, because of this many have formed quite vocal opinions on all aspects of the subject matter, because they don’t see
it, it isn’t real. My response to those nay sayers are to simply step outside their safety zone, immerse themselves into the topic away from distractions of their cell phones and TV’s. If they are truly investigative they will find the truth that hides behind the veil as many of us have done.

As I began to find the proof of a longer UFO period within Irish folklore and mythology I began to see common factors. These factors I was also finding within other areas and regions around the world. Commonalities we were all sharing as a human race, by seeing the common threads that connected many of our folklores a truth began to appear. A truth which spoke of a phenomena which was not new by any means, this age of phenomena of the flying saucer was ancient. If we take for instance in modern ufology a typical shape reported by witnesses around the world and is known as the ‘cylinder or cigar’. An object shaped like a tube which flies through the sky. An example of a cigar filmed in Brazil can be seen in the photo to the left. A
further video of a cigar was captured in the Ukraine

This is just one common shape which the strange phenomena is often witnessed and I found it remarkable that we can also find this appearing in our islands past. Here on the island we have an advantage over other island nations in that much of our oral history has been written and captured by efforts in Dublin. At Duchas they hold the world’s largest folklore collection, in its efforts to digitize the national collection from twenty six counties I was introduced to a series of accounts which reflected very heavily of our space age friends.

The stories have all been hand written and scanned in to the data base, then folks such as myself come along and simply copy the hand written notes and formulate them into a digital file making it easy to access for others and easily source material. It was during this process I came across accounts in our history which supports the historical UFO phenomena on Irish soil and Irish air space.

One such account I can only assume tried to rationalise and understand what their family relation had seen and is called ‘The Ghost Train’ . Another incident of a ‘Ghost Train’ also appears on the Fermanagh, Leitrim border.

We have to understand that the description of the actual phenomena is in relation to the understanding of the witness, they simply tried to label the object with an identity which the listener and reader may understand even though in the modern understanding of today had the witnesses have said they saw a cylinder floating above the ground we would understand it immediately…..well most of us. The idea of a ‘Ghost Train carriage’ a long cylindrical object with windows along the side is not that far away from descriptions of the same type of UFO seen in the present day area of Lough Key in County Roscommon.
These are but a few instances where we can find links to pre Roswell 1947. However other such researchers and authors like as Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck who wrote ‘Wonders in the Sky, unexplained aerial objects from antiquity to modern times’ explains in their pages that like the Irish accounts these incidents have been happening on an almost daily occurrence globally and their work even cites accounts back into the BC of world history.

There have been several curious accounts though which don’t seem to fit comfortably into a particular and clearly defined subject and of course the British Isles produced stories which leaves me scratching my head. Between 700AD and 1600AD stories of flying ships where reported from Scotland, England and Ireland. It is one thing to see a UFO but to clearly define a ship from our oceans among the clouds is quite something else.

Theeye witnesses knew what they saw and reported as such. Within the Annals of Ulster, a series of books which it is said reports a year by year history of medieval Ireland from 431-1540. In these records is a bizarre case of a ship seen over the monastery of Clonmacnoise, in County Offaly. A common thread in this story that is seen in other places throughout the British Isles also is that the anchor got stuck in some stone and a man was seen to dive of the ship into the air and swim down to the anchor to try and free it. In doing so the witnesses reached for the swimmer to help but were whole heartedly told not to touch him for fear he may die, he cuts the anchor rope and the ship and sailor head off on their journey through the clouds.

I cannot account for seeing a sea faring ship in the sky thankfully…. but accounts such as these do exist. I note them but prefer to keep an open mind with such accounts and move on, which brings us to the lights; these orbs of light are seen and reported globally. I was in the desert outside Phoenix, Arizona in 2012 photographing these unusual light orbs which had been reported before and after the major sighting over the city on March 13th 1997 now known as the Phoenix Lights.

When standing in the presence of these lights they produced a strange ominous feeling that I couldn’t explain. I stood in the distinct wash of what I can only describe as negative eddies of unseen energy. Power lines behind me stretched SW into the desert and produced a noise I have never heard before, it was as if the power was being bounced back and forth between the giant electric pylons. It could well be said that what I was seeing and photographing were flares from planes at the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range 80 miles SW of my position but I was standing on the desert floor 309 metres above sea level, the mountains which the lights appeared above are over 670 meters above sea level and were 70 miles from the Air Force Range.

These balls of light have also been recorded in the folklore of Irish history and accounts with Duchas back in Dublin and we can see the theme of the ghost trains continue with horror stories developing around them such as ‘Hell Fire Jack’. But here we see a distinct turn in the nature of the UFO being reported, there is an edge to its essence, the distinction between a train and a crazed light becomes more apparent especially when we consider this story reported in the field and probable townland of Ballygorteen in Kilkenny.
Sadly we don’t know of the outcome of the cattle that shared the field with this crazy light/ghost train but I suspect they didn’t end well. The fairy and mutilation connection can be easily found in aspects of our folklore. One such tale I stumbled across last year in 2015 came from county Leitrim involving a rural farmer who had just enjoyed the good news of a new birth on the farm. His new calf and mother were placed in a stone barn and left for the night in a comfortable way. On his return the following morning he was greeted with a horrific scene as the calf’s mother lay dead with her udders cut off. His regret was he didn’t place the iron over the doorway the night before to stop the
fairy from killing his cow.

Cold iron had always been seen as a deterrent to the fairy. Our ancient tales tell how when men fought with these beings that it was cold iron in their weapons that finally killed them and a peace was brokered. I was investigating an old rath in Northern Ireland in 2006. Tales had long been told of
its large earthen banks hiding an access to the fairy kingdom and raths such as the one I was investigating can be found all over Ireland.

It was during this investigation I found my first sample of animal mutilation so close to a place associated with the fairy. Large predators have for a long time been hunted to extinction on this island. The last wolf was said to have been killed in 1786, leaving its smaller cousin the fox as the next largest predator which in itself is more an opportunist than a savage hunter. The balls of light seem to have some connection with our past, with our ancestral homes and worship sites dotted over the countryside. Lights appearing from a rath are not new as this story from Duchas reveals, the small lights are recounted time and time again and connect us back to something on the earth or rather in it.

For some reason yet unknown, the lights can be small or huge and give the appearance that a whole field was consumed in flame. The idea of magical lights dancing all over the ground and sky may seem far-fetched but for those within the field of research it is no longer a fairy tale but fact. Scientists from Østfold University College in Norway and the Italian National Research Council have been working hard observing and trying to understand The Hessdalen lights which are up to now are still of unknown origin. These lights appear and disappear at will, traveling at tremendous speeds with some appearing outside our ability of sight and thus can only be tracked on radar. One light appeared producing light throughout the spectrum that would be similar to the light produced by our own sun.

What you won’t find in the research though, are the side effects of the lights and how they affect the viewer. This will be covered in another publication to come later and it will mean me having to put boots to the ground to seek out and speak to those that may be willing to share their information.

The orbs have been reported high in the Himalayan regions of India and even spooked members of the military, this was reported in their online press. Large robotic figures have also been reported by a scientific team in 2004 at Samudra Tapu. This worldwide phenomenon has happened in our past and it is still happening right now. For the main stream jock such as you and me we are left to piece it together, to follow the clues our ancestors left and to try to reveal the identity and point of entry from our world to the other.

With due care and diligence we have a chance to tag these happenings and find points on our earth both on land and in our oceans where the phenomena and its side effects are most likely felt. Ireland I feel has gone a long way in acknowledging our own heritage and folklore by making it accessible to anyone willing to get off their butts and connect the dots. It’s no easy path I can assure you, both time and money are demanded by such a venture but it can be done, it will be done.

So to answer the question of whether UFO’s have a basis in Irish folklore and mythology then it has to be said, absolutely. In a later published though I may be exploring the ancient history of the island by stepping back into our Neolithic history some 7000 years to the stone mounds left behind by our ancestors and the connections to the gods both in the sky and the underworld.

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