New Book

I’m thrilled to have worked with Scottish author and fellow researcher Brian Allan on a sensational and deeply thought provoking book called ‘The Deception of Gods and men’.

Years of study and observation, reading, and experience have been sunk into its pages as we attempt to decipher the consistent enigma behind the veil to the other world. The publication will be due for release later this year. (2021)

How nefarious can it get?

Last week during July 2020 I was speaking to radio host Howard Hughes from the UK. Howard produces a radio show and podcast reporting and interviewing on all things bizarre, and equally highly interesting phenomena from around the world. During the frank discussion I raised the issue of how dangerous paranormal investigations have the potential to become.

Howard remarked that he never considered the paranormal dangerous, but a more subtle influence. I said it depends on what your term of paranormal is and he should consider the work of David Paulides and the numbers of people that go missing listed in his ‘Missing 411 book series, those disappearances are far beyond normal circumstances. I also pointed out if it were possible for those night attacks, attacks by phantom creatures, either in solid-state or astral that take place in the sanctity of our bedrooms could possibly cardiac arrests during these highly frightening encounters? We would never know, how could we test for that in a post-mortem.

As fate would have it, a few days later I was taking part in a paranormal round table and one of my esteemed colleagues happened to bring up the dangerous side of the paranormal. He pointed out that  extreme cases are not necessarily spoken about because they are rarely reported. The researchers involved sit on the case until the phenomenon dissipates. We never went into the reasons behind the researchers actions, but it did make me wonder about a case I was also involved with a few years back. It led to both myself and my co-author agreeing not to release the location, not for any other reason than one of safety.

It got me wondering if we had done the right thing, and on hindsight I think we did.

The case involved a mountain top quarry which seen doors to the offices being ripped of, belongs inside being smashed to powder, an apparition who would mysteriously disappear and severe electrical problems with machinery. 

Those listed samples of phenomena on their own merit would not have been enough for us to remain silent though, it was the other phenomena, the darker nature to this reality that caused us concern. One man working a table saw in the workshop onsite was reportedly clubbed on the back of the head by an unseen force catapulting him forward, in an attempt to save himself he reached out his hand and sawed off four fingers.

Further attempts were made to secure the site by using large guard dogs, however one after the other, each animal was murdered on site. When the church tried to intervene, each time an exorcism was performed the phenomena became worse forcing the church into defeat.

Our reasons we felt were sound to keep the location a secret. However the darker more sinister aspects of the paranormal don’t end there. Nurses in modern hospitals have also observed on occasions dark figures approach those in the last stages of life and on occasion a full on wrestle would begin between the patients and whatever this darker force was.

We can dance around the subject all we like and sink our heads in the sand with the mind set, if we can’t see it, it isn’t real. But, as I’ve often said,  we could live in a jungle for a year and never see a tiger, it doesn’t mean there are no tigers.

Nurses on describe dark shapes standing over the beds of those in the last throws of life, whilst another watched as the intense shadow entered the room. But the gold nuggets in these accounts from their bodies responses to the shadows. This is where the details in these accounts outshine others. One describes the ‘creepiest evil’ whilst another was sure of its evil intentions when she saw it. Medical staff are people we trust with our lives, in instances such as these, are we to deem them insane? Hardly.

The world and universe are built on foundations of balance, black & white, yin & yang, the beliefs that there is nothing but positive light out there is short-sighted in my opinion, and I’m forced to question the source of their information?

If those practicing in the field of paranormal research are not testing the origins of their information from beyond the veil then they set their own hourglass, for when the last grain of salt falls, it will not end well.

A pattern I’ve seen played time and time again.