The Council of Three Trilogy

The Council of Three series delves into Irish folklore and the truths that hide there in. There is no smoke without fire and as the series continues the reader is locked into a roller-coaster of life and death within aspects of Irish mythology before being introduced to the global arena and the unique similarities our cultures share within this platform introducing the reader to a paradigm shift that will alter their perceptions.  





Part 3

Fracture available now.

The story continues, tapping into our worst fears, challenging our myths and legends. ‘Fracture’ makes us question whether the stories of old were simply ‘faerie tales’ or if there is an essence of truth hidden within their words. If so, is this what nightmares are made of?

Psychic Kris Henderson, becomes embroiled in a fifteen year old murder case. The insidious powers that circle the case have reached great heights and challenge the resolve of Kris and those that work by her side. Insurmountable struggles threaten and defy the normal rules of our universe and throw the investigation head long into a war of ages. A war described in our ancient manuscripts and spoken in whispers, a war where human life is expendable.

For those that do survive, the price becomes too high to pay……..

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Part 2 The Malice of Darkness

Keelin Murphy finds herself devastated by a nocturnal encounter that leaves her for dead. Driven by revenge she learns of a family secret that will ultimately fuel her need to find the entity and destroy it. However Keelin soon finds herself out of her depth in a war of both worlds and her meddling exacts a high price. When all else seems lost she is left with very few choices and finds herself on a path that leads directly into the lion’s den.

Available in Paperback and Kindle

Due April 3rd 2015

Part 1 The Council of Three

Peter Walsh is a young reporter based in Sligo Ireland. His dedication to a good story and loyalty to a former school teacher sets him on the path to discover the where about of five missing children.

His investigations into the infamous Sligo five quickly lead him down a murky oppressive path of discovery which breakdown his corner stones of core values. Life in Ireland for Peter Walsh will never be the same as he comes face to face with a truth which had been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years. Add to the mix folklore, myth and legend and Peter hastily becomes swamped in a conspiracy leaked from heaven itself.

Available in Paperback and Kindle


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