legend Seekers Vol 1
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As man’s involvement with Ireland dates back over 14,000 years it has filled the island with history, myth and magic which seemingly bleeds into the very landscape. A vacation to Ireland on face value will be a memorable experience; however the island hides much more.

Join the ‘Legend Seekers’ as they explore the islands ancient and not so ancient history exploring and examining its myths & legends. Using historical accounts they will venture to areas in Ireland not only above ground but below it in an attempt to discover the truth, a truth, which sometimes does not want to be discovered.

Barry & Max in action

Irish born author Barry Fitzgerald and star of Ghost Hunters International formerly on the USA SyFy Channel teams up with Irish author and supernatural investigator Cormac Strain and unite forces as they begin combing Ireland for stories of the weird and supernatural, stories that can still affect us today. The team which includes Max, Barry’s trusted four legged companion will delve into myths which take them to the remotest parts of Ireland going up against nature in all its forms as they attempt to get to the bottom of the story. The men must spend the night at each location and pitch

themselves against nature’s fury in an attempt to understand the core elements of the myths which leave them open for all manner of experiences both physical and supernatural.

The books will contain GPS co-ordinates and tips whilst you go and investigate the location of the stories enjoying both the beauty of Ireland but also its mysterious supernatural elements lending curiosity to native and tourist alike.

From January 30th 2015 the first volume of Legend Seekers will be available in paperback.

NEWS: Volume 2 is presently in progress.





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