The following links are a list of more recent publications produced by Barry that gently introduces the reader to the realm of myth, folklore, and legend. However, forewarned is forearmed, as legends have a tendency to bite.

The Influence

Challenging your beliefs
A shocking insight into the shadowy side of investigating the paranormal. This book was written through personal experience and observation, and listing details on how to spot oppressive energies encountered in the field, describing the pattern they follow, the biological changes that occur within our bodies, and how to take back your control.

In The Mist of Gods

An encounter with an entity in the Mayan Underworld in Belize within Central America lead to an investigation that uncovered alarming amounts of phenomena that continue to happen under our feet and around the world. You’ll never look at a cave the same way again.


This creature of mythology appears to those living and vacationing in Ireland. Its cold and haunting laments fill the night air and chill its listeners to the bone. It is death, she foretells, and for those that hear or see her, they must prepare for the departure of a family member, friend, or neighbor to the land beyond the stone passage chambers.

Searching the Sídhe

Following on from the Banshee, or Woman of the mounds, this book follows the stories that have appeared on the Irish landscape. Could ancient stories of fairies, strange lights, disappearances, and bizarre encounters really happen in modern Ireland?

Legend Seekers Vol 1

Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain team up again after Banshee and search the annals of Irish mythology and folklore. Delving into earlier locations of strange and bizarre encounters they search out the phenomenon and are in for the shock of their lives.

The Council of Three Trilogy

This Barry’s first novel escorts the readers to the west of Ireland where the strange disappearance of a group of school children from a mountainside forces pressure on the Irish court system and takes local journalist Peter Walsh on a journey for the truth that will threaten his very existence.

The Deception of Gods and Men

Throughout eons of time, we have trusted and relied on our mystics, shaman, priests, and lay preachers to impart what awaits us in the next life, but what if it’s all an illusion? What really lurks behind the veil between this world and the next? The Deceptions of God’s and Men paves the way for an alternative viewpoint with a hypothesis based on snippets of insight gleaned from ancient manuscripts and teachings that were left behind by our ancestors.