Searching The Sidhe

The Sídhe, ‘People of the Mound’.

Legends speak of their kind and the encounters simple mortals have had with them over the course of our time on the island of Ireland. Is there anything more substantial to their existence than just words?

Author Barry Fitzgerald examines the history of the Sídhe and their modern transformation into their present persona known the world over as ‘Fairy’. Barry selects locations known in the past for activity associated with their presence and spends the night only to encounter phenomenon which reflects the old tales.

This second edition paperback also includes the story which has been picked up some two years on following the first ebook release in July 2013 and delivers him into the heart of their country and explores history and myth which becomes life-threatening.

Today in modern revivalism of the ancient traditions, knowledge of the old doorways to other worlds and the beings that use them are beginning to surface once again.

This paperback is an examination of the Irish fairy lore, their history, their changing character, some of their locations where they have been known to appear, and of course reveal some of the stories of those that have looked through the film and into a world with eyes that peered back.

Readers can obtain a copy from here.


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