The Council of Three (The Trilogy) delves into Irish folklore and the truths that hide therein. There is no smoke without fire and as a coroner’s inquest held into six missing children in Sligo on the west of Ireland drives reporter Peter Walsh to question his loyalties as he follows a cold trail to understand what happened.

Circumstances surrounding their disappearance are tainted with an almost supernatural element that confuses the authorities. Peter is soon swallowed by the colossal scale of influences behind the disappearances and it becomes clear that fundamental powers that remain in the edges of our perception have been locked in battle and threaten the survival of the human race.

As more layers to the story are exposed on a global arena of intrigue, collusion and deceit the trilogy climax’s in Rome, a place recognized as a guiding light to millions of souls around the planet that may indeed have been nothing more than an ignis fatuus, a light that could lead us all to our death.

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