Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain unit once again in this Land-Rover enthusiasts nightmare, joined by Max, Barry’s faithful K9 in attempts to hunt out Ireland’s top mythology and folklore. However, they soon discover the old legends still have a sting in their tale and challenge both to reconsider what they have deemed as normal.

Legend Seekers Vol 1

Their ability to seek out a great story has taken them both to the extremes on water and land, both above and below ground.

One particular encounter was kept out of the public domain due to its exceptionally dangerous nature. The reported phenomenon had led to former occupiers of the site being torn from their beds in the middle of the night, family dogs being murdered and limbs being amputated.

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During their time in lock-down they recap on their understandings of the cases they reported in Volume one on their You Tube Channel here.

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